marry a girl who reads

Some say that when a man finds a girl who reads, he should definitely date that girl. I say he should marry her, ultimately.

That is if that man is looking for a serious relationship and he is not out there toying girls’ hearts. If he wants a long term commitment, he could find that in a girl who reads. For a girl who reads are the ones who know and understand people. They know, just like in books, that characters develop. That there is nothing impossible in this world if a man wants something. For a girl who reads maybe engrossed in the world created by mere words of the author but she knows that her world revolves around the people whom she loves. For a girl who reads is simple, she is not a complicated type of girl.

A man will not worry what to give her on their anniversary. He could pick up the book that she has been eyeing on for a week. Simple gestures of love will mean the most to her. He could just make her a nice and warm cup of coffee so she can go on finishing the chapter. Believe me, at the end of that chapter and she cries, she will immediately go to you while you are there sitting and watching your favorite basketball or baseball team. The man could just give her a hug and console her sobbing heart. Isn’t that plain and simple?

A girl who reads is definitely knowledgeable for she has been through the other parts of the world. Ask her and she would give you sensible answers. She would be there for you whenever you need help or perhaps, you don’t need to knock at her heart anymore for she will already know if there is something bothering you. Just like how you make her feel loved, she would ¬†definitely love you back. For she understands deeply how it feels like to be unrequited.

Love a girl who reads and maybe if you are lucky, a girl who writes.


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