Do-it-yourself Tablet casing, a hollow book



How to make a hollow book? How to do your own samsung galaxy or ipad tablet case or any other tablet? Here is my do-it-yourself tablet casing.

If you have read the description about me in the page about the author, you have known that I really love to do DIY projects. I want to make the most out of my available resources and as much as possible do things myself. It’s not because I like cheap things or I don’t have money (hey, that’s true, you don’t have money).It’s because I want to explore my creative side. I wanted to try if I could create things which has economic values. Like for example, I have made a pencil holder and a bills holder attached on a wall out of CD tracks which we all know has diminished in use with the advent of USBs.

One more reason why I do some do-it-yourself projects is that I don’t want to throw things out that easily. If I think I could make out of it something, I would. I would shell out extra money and buy tools or other materials and visualize what I could actually do about that thing.

Enough with the introduction, I have made this tablet casing for my officemate for her coby tablet. I made this from a hardbound book. I used common materials that can all be found in art stores. I used a 1-inch think garter to hold the book in tact when closed and also the insides of the case to hold the tablet in place. It is important to use a hardbound that has a column that was stitched so that it would not rip off easily. 

I used an exacto knife to cut through the pages of the book while they were glued together. I also used an adhesive transparent cover to make it waterproof. You know, in case of accidental liquid spills so that the book won’t soften. I placed a hole on one side for the earphones. Honestly, I don’t know how to describe the process well so just go ahead and Google on how to make a hollow book.

here are some pictures of it







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