How we started

Hi, my name is Jibreel Sabtal. I entered tertiary level of my education hoping to have a fresh start. It was rough knowing you had a life before that you didn’t really want. I wanted to meet new people. I was scared that nobody would like me when I twist that knob of the door and enter that lecture room.

For a second, I took a look around the faces and immediately find a spot for me. I chose the second row to the left near the back door. Thank God I still have clear vision. I wandered my eyes again to see smiling faces. Everyone was chatting on the first day of school like they knew each other for a very long time.

With my serious face on, I started to ask the names of the people around me. They were the first ones who became my friends or my barkada in college. I ate and hanged out with them during lunch breaks and short recess.

During the first week of college, I was eager to meet a lot of new people but I was really shy. I wanted to know more of this one girl who was like a princess of everything about pink. She really liked the color of pink. That’s why in my mind, I called her the pink princess. Her name was Jessica Bautista. That was not the thing that made me attracted to her. It was her fluffy curled hair. I have never seen such curls except in foreign movies or shows. It was really something for me.

I knew it back then that I had a crush on her. Not only the fact that she was beautiful, she was definitely admirable. She was intelligent and talented. Almost every boys liked her. I did not know how I would get her attention.

So I acted the genius-but-cool guy in the class. I was impressing professors with the intention of impressing her. I don’t know if I was successful but she said I was not. She said that those actions just made me look so arrogant or boastful. She said this when we got together already.

So the first semester passed and we continued our lives. She joined organizations and I made a few more friends. These friends were really supportive saying that I should confess and tell her what I wanted. I was scared. It wasn’t that easy. I was afraid I would screw up another relationship (if ever she would say yes to me). So I let my feelings be kept inside. I was satisfied with all the times that I came sat next to her or behind her or take glances whenever she does not seem to notice. I was happy then whenever we would do group activities or whenever she would ask me some questions about the subject. Her smile! It was really pretty. Those curls! I wanted to touch them. Her bubbly face! It is so beautiful!

I never thought that we would eventually get close. We started sending SMS to each other and we were talking through comments section of the posts in our multiply accounts. (Thank you for that subject that required us to make a blog).

It was one fine day that she confessed to me that she had a crush on me too. I am going to keep it to myself on how she said it but I’m not kidding. She really said it. I couldn’t contain my happiness that day. It was enough to keep me smiling over the weekend.

There I was feeling so blissful and I entered the lecture room again – confident more than I ever felt before. I started to be so confident thinking that the girl whom other boys admire has actually a crush on me! I started to talk with her more which made her unease. I did not notice it that soon but she began to felt awkward and so she kept her distance.

Maybe she just liked how I actually keep my mind working and the way I write in my multiply accounts. That’s all. Nothing beyond that. Never in a single galaxy would she love it to have me for her. That’s not actually new to me. Whoever would want to date a guy who has not proven himself yet, a man who will never be compared to those men found in glossy paper magazines, a man who has nothing.

I watch her lay eyes on the dudes who were far more boyfriend material than me. It was painful but I continued on to have this thing in my heart. Another semester passed and we were soon to cease as freshmen.

I continued on writing in my multiply account in which she thought as something admirable. My writing style seems to make her comfortable. So we were back again to being friends. I don’t know what made her change her mind but I know now that she actually wanted me to have a chance.

On one fine day, I was invited to hang-out with them in their semester ending celebration. Why the hell would I say no if this is the chance to actually have more conversations with her?

We stroll around the mall, played few games, took studio pictures, and ate. We laughed a lot and we had those amazing long talks that seemed to never end. She kept on laughing about her condition she was holding back that can only be cured by sitting on that magical throne. It was really hilarious. Lots of good memories.

The day ended and she invited me to go to our friend’s condo unit to just chill out since summer is really long. Maybe she missed me and all the laughs or maybe not. Who wouldn’t get excited with that invitation? I dressed up and tried to look my best. So we were then and we watched a movie – the very classic Romeo and Juliet. I don’t remember finishing the movie.

We decided to call it a day and I was planning on getting her home since my way would pass her home. As we were walking down the road, I felt really nervous. This time, finally, I am alone with her. I could actually do now what I want! haha! just kidding. It started to get dark and as we were walking. She was uttering words which I keenly heeded to. Was she confessing? Is this it?  Maybe not? She did not say yes! She just said “I am giving you my heart, take care of it, it is yours now.” I was shocked. Was that just a dream or I misheard everything? So I tried to recollect my thoughts and compose myself. “Does this mean that we’re couple now?” and she nodded, confirming my long waiting.

It was awkward from the start since that was the first time she would have a boyfriend. and I am keeping my promise, until this very day, that she will be my last girl. I told it immediately to my closest friends and congratulating me like I won some kind of recognition. They were happy just like how the luckiest man on Earth feels.

I will never forget that day. April 21, 2009. From then on, memories of our love kept on pouring as the Creator, our Lord, is writing our love story.


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